How To Get Rid of Man Boobs

When you fear going to the pool or gym because of those embarrassing woman like breasts hanging from your chest then you should know that this condition can be cured.

Yes it is embarrassing and severely restricts the social life of some of those afflicted but there are remedies aplenty for those who are determined to find a permanent cure.

Man boobs or these male breasts as they are variously referred to starts with identification of what the problem really is.

The medical condition is gynecomastia and is characterized by fibrous lumps in the chest area which over time become quite hard. This condition is traced back to hormonal imbalance in the body and seems to affect adolescent boys in particular.

When you need to know how to get rid of moobs in this situation you should be prepared to undertake a course of topical treatment which can eliminate the appearance of your chest completely but will take time.

The presence of this condition may mean you have quite painful, marble-like lumps which make exercise difficult so any reversal of the process can at least give you some relief from pain.

The higher incidence of this condition in young males may have something to do with increased use of steroids to reduce skin conditions and so any medication you are taking should be carefully examined when trying to find out how to get rid of man boobs. The ultimate resort is to look at surgery but this is both expensive, risks scar tissue and if the condition is hormone related the lumps can return over time!

There is a similar situation called pseodogynecomastia which results from bad diet and poor exercise and can be treated with a change in lifestyle. The appearance here will be even more feminine and embarrassing and some males have been known to resort to strapping and binding garments to alter the shape of their bodies.

Like many of the herbal remedies you can find on line such attempts that tell you how to get rid of man boobs are a complete waste of time and money. And herbal tea may make you lose some fluid but little else. Strapping or a male bra is not going to improve your social life either as removing it will cause further embarrassment and it could be quite restricting for other activities. The only real options are surgery or gynectrol which has been reviewed here.

I suggest that you look at the how to get rid of man boobs exercise programs available and choose one that has a good mix of specific and general training for all parts of the body. If you just concentrate on the upper body you run the risk of a startling chest appearance on top of an undeveloped torso and legs. That will look even odder than man boobs.

You will also need to look at diet and such things as alcohol intake at the same time but this is true for any fitness regime not just one focused on how to get rid of man boobs.

You may need to take a hard-core approach for a period of weeks or months but the ultimate goal is to eliminate the condition if you can.

In all cases where such a condition exists, I also suggest consulting a doctor before you start, particularly if you are on any medication. A full physical will also give you the chance for an independent measurement of your progress over time.

Remember this is not a condition that can’t be cured or at least made less noticeable so start looking for your solution on how to get rid of man boobs now.

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