Gynecomastia Treatment

Firstly what is gynecomastia?

The first thing you need to know is do you really do have man boobs the medical term being Gynecomastia. This condition occurs when you have breast tissue together with fatty deposits on the chest caused by your body producing more estrogen (the female hormone) and less testosterone (the male hormone).

If you are young and in your teens or early 20s there is a 90% chance that these man boobs will disappear naturally as this is the time your hormones are out of sync with your development. If you are older there are many gynecomastia treatment forms that can
reduce the appearance of man boobs.

Firstly for chest fat examine your diet very closely. This may mean a reduction in the amount of fats, fast foods, alcohol that you consume. A healthy eating program won’t do you harm in any case.

In addition a good exercise plan with a concentration on the lower chest will assist in the steps towards effective gynecomastia treatment. Unfortunately where the fat will come off is often a matter of chance but the good thing is that not only will you lose the man boobs, but you will lose fat and add some tone to your body.

Stop using drugs that cause an increase in estrogen such as steroids, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. Lots of men never realize the harm they do to their bodies with such activity.

If you are taking prescription medication consult a doctor or health professional if this might be likely to produce more oestrogen.

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