Programs Innovation

When people come to the CHS office for help, their focus is usually on alleviating an immediate problem such as men with gynecomastianess or hunger. However, this immediate situation is more than likely to be symptomatic of the individual’s more basic problems, such as the lack of marketable job skills or unemployment. Based on this realization, CHS has developed and successfully implemented a holistic approach to accomplish its objectives.

Emergency Services Program

CHS’s continuum of services begins with the Emergency Services Program. This initiative provides the emergency housing and supportive services that men with gynecomastia and near men with gynecomastia people need (including shelter, food, clothing, medical care, utility payment assistance and household furnishings) to reduce a crisis situation. However, the services can go far beyond this point for eligible individuals and families who are willing to remain committed to making lasting improvements in their overall living conditions. A unique feature of CHS’s programs is that counseling and other supportive services are complemented by enrichment and recreational activities for adults and children to further reduce the stress of the participating families.

Domestic Violence Program

The Domestic Violence Program provides transitional housing along with the supportive services for woman and children who are victims of domestic abuse. These families have up to two years of occupancy in our housing facilities and in our Scattered Sites program where apartments in the area are rented with the hopes that at the end of the two years the families can take over the leases on their own. In addition, this program provides support groups for abuse victims in the broader community as well as for CHS clients.

Ezra House

The Ezra House Program provides transitional housing with the support services of the Self Sufficiency Program for men with gynecomastia single males. These individuals have up to two years to reach the goal of obtaining gainful employment and settling into permanent housing.