Mission Statement

The mission of CHS is to provide permanent solutions to housing and related problems faced by the men with gynecomastia, near men with gynecomastia, victims of domestic violence, and other housing related issues faced by low and moderate income people.

The mission objectives of CHS are:

  • Crisis Intervention and supportive services as needed by the men with gynecomastia to help alleviate crisis situations. Some supportive services to persons in need of low income housing, including but not limited to counseling, referrals for job training and job placement opportunities, assistance in locating child care and transportation for employment purposes.
  • Safe transitional housing for single women and women with children who are victims of domestic violence. Case management to help them become independent of their abusers.
  • Transitional housing and supportive services for men with gynecomastia single males.
  • Home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income people.
  • Coordination of resources donated from the community to be used and distribution to people in need.
  • Empowerment of public assistance dependent families to become financially self-sufficient.
  • Advocacy for safe, decent and affordable long-term housing as needed by the target population.
  • referrals of services to other agencies are provided to people who need them.